Match Schedules and Teams


2015 schedules will be added when available.

Match Secretaries 2015

Ladies 1 (Div 2B) - Diane Fung 
Ladies 2 (Div 3B) - Adrienne Egan
Ladies 3 (Div 6B) - Helen Cunningham
Gents 1 (Div 3A) - Craig Brown 
Gents 2 (Div 6A) - Raymond Norris
Junior Boys (Div 3A) - Calum Roberts

Seniors' League L1 (Div 2A) - Liz Gerrard 
Seniors' League L2 (Div 3A) - Anne Griffin 
Seniors' League L3 (Div 7B) - Ann Bruce
Seniors' League G1 (Div 2A) -  
Seniors' League G2 (Div 6A) - Raymond Norris 


Summer Leagues – Doubles

Gents’ 1  Division 2

Craig Brown, Paul Brown, Alan Clark, Christopher Fay, Philip Fay, Mark McGrath, Stevie Owens, Calum Roberts, Jack Sweeney.

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Gents’ 2  Division 5

Chris Cullen, Fraser Erskine, Philip Fay, Cameron Hyde, Raymond Norris, Stevie Owens, Callum Price, Alan Stewart, Jack Sweeney, Drew Watson.

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Ladies’ 1  Division 1

Allison Daisley, Susan Faint, Diane Fung, Kathleen Gairns, Elizabeth Gerrard, Anne Griffin, Linda McDowell, Fiona Riddell, Jennifer-Rose Saidler, Fiona Wallace.

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Ladies’ 2  Division 3

Norna Crabbe, Adrienne Egan, Kathleen Gairns, Anne Griffin, Eleanor Henley, Heather MacIntyre, Marianne Stetz.

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Ladies 3  Division 6

Ann Bruce, Lesley Clark, Helen Cunningham, Joan McKillop, Jacqueline Orr, Marlene Riekie, Marianne Stetz, Ann Watson, Anne Wright. 

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Gents' Seniors League

Gents' Seniors League

Ladies' Seniors League

Ladies' Seniors League

Ladies' Seniors League

Seniors League teams still to be confirmed.